FWD: Confused about Deleted and Expunged

Horst Häberlen hh at promedia-sds.de
Fri Jan 17 09:41:36 EST 2020

hi Adam Tauno Williams,

> What happens if you su to the cyrus user and try to run the command you
> see in cyrus.conf ?

This makes no difference. I tried both commands as root and as cyrus. The Log entries were

[...] cyrus/cyr_expire[10175]: Expired 0 and expunged 0 out of 144646 messages from 818
[...] cyrus/cyr_expire[10175]: Removed 0 deleted mailboxes
[...] cyrus/cyr_expire[10175]: duplicate_prune: pruning back 4.00 days
[...] cyrus/cyr_expire[10175]: duplicate_prune: purged 0 out of 4171 entries


Horst Häberlen
Kirchenstr. 16
74639 Zweiflingen

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