Confused about Deleted and Expunged

Horst Häberlen hh at
Fri Jan 17 05:11:09 EST 2020

Hi Sebastian Hagedorn ,

i have no idea how follow-up works in this list, i hope this mail goes to the right place.

> does it really say "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire" in your cyrus.conf? That
> can't work. The command is named cyr_expire on my system, and it
> definitely does not have a space in its name.

Yes, the command is correct. On Ubuntu 18.04 there is no cyr_expire and the entry
"/usr/sbin/cyrus expire" is in cyrus.conf by default.

In the log files the results are printed ".. localhost cyrus/cyr_expire[14320]: Expired 0
and expunged 0 out of 143844 messages from 818 mailboxes"


Horst Häberlen
Kirchenstr. 16
74639 Zweiflingen

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