Migration issue with seen/subscription/sieve databases

ellie timoney ellie at fastmail.com
Wed Jan 1 18:01:17 EST 2020

On Mon, Dec 30, 2019, at 8:59 PM, Gionatan Danti wrote: 
> Are you referring to the problem described here [1]? If so, from the 
> linked page I read:
> "Versions of 3.0 prior to 3.0.11 contained a bug (Issue #2839) that 
> could lead to loss of seen state/flags during reconstruct for some 
> messages that already existed prior to Cyrus 2.3"
> My Cyrus installation was never older than 2.3.x, so I thought the bug 
> should not affect me. Am I wrong?

I think, in that case, you should be fine!  It wasn't clear if your installation had only ever been 2.3, or had previously been upgraded to 2.3 from some earlier version in the past, so I thought I'd better point it out just in case :)



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