Deleting seen state file keeps unstable seen state for mailbox

Ismaël Tanguy ismael.tanguy at
Thu Jun 6 06:21:13 EDT 2019

Hello cyrus list,

due to a careless mistake, our global NFS pool became full last Monday.
The mail data storage (/var/spool/imap) is a pool of this global pool.
/var/lib/imap is stored somewhere else

During this outage of five minutes, thousand of mailboxes undergo IOERROR.
This mailboxes has been reconstruted immediately after.

But a problem remains, for some users, the seen state of their mailboxes 
is inconstant.
So, we tried to repair this with

That did'nt work for some users, (but works for some, weird!)
We then delete the seen state file, but the problem still remains.

Is there anywhere else that the seen state of a mailbox is kept?

Thank four your help.


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