Cyrus 2.5.11 default domain on auth

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at
Wed Jul 31 04:42:18 EDT 2019

we have Cyrus installations with virtual domains for years.
Users usually authenticate via imap as
name.lastname at
 and get to their inboxes.
I have now a situation where I need to let users authenticate just with name.lastname and let the system fill in the default domain.
Here is our saslauthd.conf:
ldap_servers: ldap://localhost/
ldap_search_base: ou=People,dc=%2,dc=%1
ldap_auth_method: bind
ldap_filter: uid=%u
and this imapd.conf:
allowusermoves: 1
lmtp_downcase_rcpt: 1
configdirectory: /sonicle/var/imap
partition-default: /sonicle/var/spool/imap
sievedir: /sonicle/var/sieve
sieve_extensions: fileinto reject vacation vacation-seconds imapflags imap4flags notify envelope relational regex subaddress copy date
sieve_utf8fileinto: 1
sieve_vacation_min_response: 0
admins: sonicle
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
allowplaintext: yes
sasl_mech_list: plain
tls_ca_file: /sonicle/ssl/certs/acme/fullchain.pem
tls_cert_file: /sonicle/ssl/certs/acme/cert.pem
tls_key_file: /sonicle/ssl/certs/acme/key.pem
altnamespace: yes
virtdomains: userid
unixhierarchysep: 1
duplicatesuppression: 0
sendmail: /sonicle/sbin/sendmail
xlist-archive: Archives
xlist-drafts: Drafts
xlist-sent: Sent
xlist-spam: Spam
xlist-trash: Trash
If I try adding defaultdomain, what happens is that authentication works both with and without specifying domain, but then you're not on your normal inbox of user/name.lastname at but somewhere else strange, a SELECT INBOX returns mailbox not found.
What's wrong? How can I achieve my goal?
Sonicle S.r.l. 
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