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Muchísimas gracias, Egoitz!

El 18/7/19 a las 11:12, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea escribió:
> Hi!!,
> Fine! Very happy sharing then :) :) . It only handles email. For
> Calendars/Contacts we have been long time now, using Davical (to which
> we contributed in it’s
> day . We don’t refuse
> to use Caldav with Cyrus, it’s just we did the system previous to
> Cyrus Caldav system.
> I attach the code in this email. I explain how we use it. We have each
> mailbox server running this code as a cron job and we have too some
> servers with Cyrus IMAP for just storing removed content (without the
> cron obviously). Each user in the restore server (a normal mailbox
> server but just for storing deleted content) is something like :
> user_domain at
> <mailto:user_domain at>. All our servers have
> autocreate feature (although in our mailbox servers is not being used
> nowadays). So, we keep track of what has been removed in a mailbox
> server with two elements… the Cyrus log and cyradm command. With
> cyradm command we keep track of deleted “folders" in each user
> account. With the log, we know where expunges had been run. Later, we
> take the DELETED mailboxes (the folders of each user) and upload them
> to Saremail-Restore. After that, we check the log (from some hours
> before till the present moment). Then we ask unexpunge to see what has
> been removed in each place. We upload them. We keep track in a
> database of what exactly has dealed with and what is remaining to deal
> with, so in the case a fail over to a slave is produced unexpunges can
> then be run there, even if there’s nothing in the logs that say that
> (because it’s obviously a slave).
> If you think it could be useful, perhaps could be uploaded to contrib
> directory…
> Cheers!

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