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When using delete_delayed if someone removes a big folder (that one with more than 20 subfolders anywhere below it) in mboxlist_delayed_deletemailbox() only last 20 are preserved. We think it could be a good idea to preserve all and to have a parameter for configuring it. The reason for that, is that we use delete_delayed for storing the removed content remotely with the customer hired retention period in slow disk space. Perhaps could be a good idea something like : 

In mboxlist_delayed_deletemailbox() : 

If (!preserve_delete_delayed_folders_always)
    /* keep the last 19, so the new one is the 20th */
    for (i = 0; i < (int)existing.count - 19; i++) {
        const char *subname = strarray_nth(&existing, i);
        syslog(LOG_NOTICE, "too many subfolders for %s, deleting %s (%d / %d)",
               newname, subname, i+1, (int)existing.count);
        r = mboxlist_deletemailbox(subname, 1, userid, auth_state, NULL, 0, 1, 1,
        if (r) goto done;

In Cyrus imapd.conf : 

preserve_delete_delayed_folders_always: true or false

Obviously, the part of code implied in reading the config file for contemplating the possibility….

At Sarenet, we have done some scripts for managing the copy of removed content (using delete delayed) and uploading it to a remote imap server. We are using them successfully some years ago now. Is Cyrus project interested in that scripts (that manage removed content) for later allowing the possibility of restoring removed elements from another different IMAP store?. I have asked to my superiors and would be happy to contribute it to Cyrus project… What do you think Bron, Ellie?


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