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It happens with any folder… in fact Trash is not the folder we would announce in special-use as Trash… it’s just a normal folder really here…. It’s a generally happening thing with rename of folders inside the own hierarchy inside the own user… (don’t really know if a rename mailbox for changing partition would have the same issue). Not something related to the Trash folder...


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> El 10 jul 2019, a las 11:34, Sebastian Hagedorn <Hagedorn at> escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm curious if this only happens for rename to trash, or for all renames
> of subscribed folders. IMHO it makes no sense to automatically subscribe
> to a folder in the trash. So perhaps the bug isn't in the replication
> code but rather in the handling of rename to trash?
> Am 10.07.19 um 11:11 Uhr schrieb Egoitz Aurrekoetxea:
>> About the folder subscription issue, I think I got something, at least a
>> close approximation... When a user causes in mua a rename mailbox (a
>> rename for a folder caused by a folder move in hierarchy), after the own
>> rename, if folders were subscribed “should” (for the "plain user" at
>> least) become subscribed in the new path. It seems that after a user
>> rename in Cyrus the new folder is automatically subscribed (even if no
>> subscribe command is sent by the mua). But this, does not cause in the
>> replica (in the slave, if SUB is not sent by the client)
>> a sync_apply_changesub() or something like entering in the
>> “ move_subscription” condition in mboxlist_renamemailbox(), and then,
>> the folder is properly renamed but not subscribed in the slave. I think
>> this is what I’m suffering. Obviously, if after a rename the mua sends a
>> subscribe too, no issue is seen. I think the problem happens when a
>> mailbox rename happens and a SUB is not send later.
>> An example : 
>> The folder
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
>> is moved (renamed) to trash.
>> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: conversations_rename_folder: renamed
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
>> to <>!user.parta^partb.Trash.XINGANG
>> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: Rename:
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
>> -> <>!user.parta^partb.Trash.XINGANG
>> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: Deleted mailbox
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
>> In the master (sync), the folder in Trash is subscribed but in the slave
>> it is not, and remains subscribed the folder in the original location in
>> the “____.sub” file.
>> A diff between the master (replication client) .sub file and the slave’s
>> one is (mx5 is the master, the client and 6 the slave): 
>> --- subscripciones-mx5c/parta.partb.sub2019-07-10 08:47:29.000000000 +0200
>> +++ subscripciones-mx6c/parta.partb.sub2019-07-10 08:48:08.000000000 +0200
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
>> <>!user.parta^partb.Trash.XINGANG
>> Perhaps a move_subscription to one or sync_apply_changesub should be
>> forced in order to fix it?. I have seen issues with Outlook 2016 and
>> Thunderbird… both mua… perhaps by RFC they should send the SUB command
>> but… it’s the only theory I could arrive to… I have a ton more cases
>> like this one.. Data gets properly handled but subscriptions have this
>> issue (perhaps we could say is a mua issue but….)..
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