Issues with replication and folder/Sieve subscription

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Good morning,

After we upgraded to Cyrus 3.0.8, we saw that some users in the replicas didn't have some folders (or all) subscribed the same way they had in previous env in Cyrus 2.3. Same happened for some users with Sieve scripts. It seemed the content itself was perfectly copied. It was like, if the copy between versions would not had fully succeed. We fixed it easily by creating some scripts for checking folder subscriptions and Sieve scripts existence. We though it could perhaps had something to do with some issue replicating folders subscriptions and sieve scripts from 2.3 to 3.0.8. After that, as we fixed it easily and was nothing related to content, we just didn’t go in deep in this topic.

When we started running couples of servers in Cyrus 3.0.8 (upgraded and apparently with all the change process finished) we have seen in some cases that folder subscription was not properly replicated again. Both members of the couple of servers where running same Cyrus version, the 3.0.8 and this issue, was not seen in all users… just in some of them… Due to this reason I have started checking the git repo logs… for trying to see some perhaps related change or similar… some commit that could very clearly affect to this issue (that could have caused it). I have had no success.

So after that, and after not being able to reproduce it, have taken a look at the code. By the nature of the things seen, I supposed that perhaps a META operation failed could be involved. I say it because in sync_do_meta() I can read : 

r = sync_response_parse(sync_be->in, "META", NULL,
                            replica_subs, replica_sieve, replica_seen, NULL);
if (!r) r = sync_do_user_seen(userid, replica_seen, sync_be, flags);
if (!r) r = sync_do_user_sub(userid, replica_subs, sync_be, flags);
if (!r) r = sync_do_user_sieve(userid, replica_sieve, sync_be, flags);

Have been looking for some hours around it but have not been able to see nothing strange… nothing that could have caused this...

Have you ever heard about this issue?.

Best regards,

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