Sieve script not working

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sat Jan 19 06:14:56 EST 2019


I'm using sieve scripts (among other things) to move messages that 
MIMEDefang marked as spam into a dedicated folder.

My scripts look like this:

> require ["fileinto"];
> require ["regex"];
> if anyof (header :regex "X-Spam-Score" "^[1-9][0-9]\.",
>           header :contains "X-Attachment-Dropped" "")
>   {fileinto "INBOX.Spam.Received";}

Thus a message with the following header should go directly into the 
"Spam/Received" folder:

I'm doing this for three mailboxes: it works on two of them, not on the 
third one.
I checked the script is there and the folder exists; now I'm out of 
ideas on what to try.

Is there some way to get a sieve log or to debug it?

  bye & Thanks

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