cyrus-imapd not starting after upgrade

Daniel Bareiro daniel-listas at
Thu Jan 17 10:30:05 EST 2019

Hi, Jan. Good to see you here. Thanks for your reply.

On 17/1/19 05:32, Jan Schneider wrote:

>>>>>> After that I managed to get the service is up and running (although I
>>>>>> have still doubt about the "http" line).

>>>>> http is used for CalDAV / CardDav so is most likely in the
>>>>> cyrus-caldav
>>>>> package.
>>>>> This enables your cyrus server to store address books and calendars.

>>>> It seems that "http" does indeed enable CalDAV / CardDAV support with
>>>> the cyrus-caldav package. I had not thought of it :-) After installing
>>>> the package and uncommenting the "http" line, the error was not
>>>> shown. I
>>>> will need this to synchronize calendars and tasks.
>>>> I guess it would have to work with this but Thunderbird shows a message
>>>> saying "the calendar is momentarily unavailable". It's weird because it
>>>> brought the information from Horde calendar and in fact I added a new
>>>> event in Thunderbird and it was shown by Horde. But when I pressed the
>>>> sync button this message was shown with an exclamation mark. But this
>>>> has already happened to me with Cyrus 2.4.17 and Thunderbird 60.x. I'm
>>>> thinking if it has to do with something on the side of Thunderbird 60.x
>>>> or Horde or the result of the interaction of both.

>>> Horde (Kronolith and Turba) have there own ClaDAV / CardDav Server,
>>> AFAIK Horde is at the moment not able to use cyrus as an Backend for
>>> its calendars and address books.
>>> Horde had support for Kolab, and the CalDAV / CardDAV in Cyrus is
>>> based on what Kolab did there. But the support in Horde has not been
>>> updated yet.
>>> So most likely you have configured your thunderbird to synchronize
>>> to horde and do not use the cyrus CalDAV / CardDAV feature
>> Yes, I did it using the HTTP address provided by Horde for the
>> corresponding calendar. I thought Thunderbird needed that Cyrus support
>> from CalDAV / CarDAV to interact with Horde.

> Just for clarification: you can use Cyrus as a backend for address books
> and calendars in Horde, though not via CalDAV/CardDAV but via its
> generic IMAP backend (which has evolved from the Kolab backends). There
> is also a generic CalDAV backend support in Kronolith, but I haven't
> tested this with Cyrus' CalDAV server yet.

Thanks for the observation. I think that explains why when I have a
notification window for a calendar event in Thunderbird and I press a
button in that Window, the Postfix log shows an IMAP access. Something
like this:

Jan 17 12:03:06 mail cyrus/imap[3326]: starttls: TLSv1.2 with cipher
ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 (128/128 bits new) no authentication
Jan 17 12:03:06 mail cyrus/imap[3326]: login: localhost [::1] dbareiro
PLAIN+TLS User logged in

By the way, if you have a moment to check the last message I sent in the
thread "Invalid VObject, line 1 did not follow the icalendar / vcard
format" in the Horde list, I would appreciate that. It's my response to
an email from Michael Rubinsky. In case it's helpful, I'm using Horde
Groupware Webmail Edition 5.2.22.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

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