Cyrus 2.4 and unexpunge messages.

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Wed Jan 2 08:31:56 EST 2019

On Wed, 2019-01-02 at 09:20 +0100, chose wrote:
> I've unexpunged messages in the mail box, all is recovered but the 
> flag "deleted" persist, so Roundcube see the email as deleted and
> the emails are grey.

Yes, this is correct.  Unexpunge unexpunges, it does not undelete
[delete in IMAP being a flag].  This a feature, not a bug [IMAP handles
deletes in a consistent, reliable, sane, standard way vs. the hackish
behavior implemented by most MUAs].

>    Did I missed some step to full  recover emails ?

They are fully recovered; you can mark them as undeleted via the

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