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Lars Schimmer l.schimmer at cgv.tugraz.at
Thu Aug 1 10:12:31 EDT 2019


Just upgraded my old debian cyrus 2.4.16-4+deb7u2 to cyrus 3.0.8-6.
I did use a new hardware system for this, copied over all mailbox,
sieve,.. data and did a recontruct.

It seems the reconstruct needs a few uns to reconstruct our 100GB mail
archive (in ~120 mailboxes).

I did a reconctruct -V max and it did not find all mails, I did run it
twice, and on second run it did find a lot of mails with "reappending"

Also, after migration, some users did not seem to have a inbox, I needed
to "cm user.xcy" and copy mailbox data into it and recontruct manually.
(seems like those are new mailboxes and are not in the copied data of
main cyrus db).

But some mailboxes were existent, but empty after the 2 reconstruct (and
quota) run, I did explicit run reconstruct -r -f user.xyyya on those.
To bad they got all mails as unseen.

On the most accounts all worked fine, but all mails prior to sept 2011
are set to unseen.
Seems like some change of dataformat, as I did upgrade in sept 2011 :-)

Now I sit here and wait for more error reports from the users.

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