HTTP proxy in murder

Jean-Christophe Delaye Jean-Christophe.Delaye at
Mon Apr 8 10:53:47 EDT 2019


I'm always stucked in configuring a murder cluster for Cyrus HTTP.

Is it possible to disable http on both backend and frontend, and only
use https ?

I have tried with only entries https in cyrus.conf on both
backend/frontend and I notice connexion refused from the frontend.

imap cyrus/https[1502]: [ID 130975 local3.error]
connect( failed: Connection refused

to be sure, if I disable http entry in services

getaddrinfo( failed: service name not available for
the specified socket type

Is it necessary to have http between frontend and backend for the proxy
to work ?

Has anybody have a running configuration for Calendars over murder
agregator ?


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