Shared Mailbox accessible under several different names?

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Wed May 30 08:13:12 EDT 2018

Dear List, 

on my cyrus imapd (version 2.3.18) I run several shared mailboxes. 

These mailboxes actually are named according to different
organizations (e.g. "sales", "pr" etc.). Sometimes the organizations
change their names. Now it is difficult to have all users to change
these names in their individual mailing clients. So it would be useful
to provide access to one shared mailbox under different names (like
file access via symbolic links or like DNS CNAME).

I assume that it would lead to trouble (data base inconsistency?) if I
simply created a simbolic link from one mailbox directory to another.

How could this be managed? 

Thanks for any hint and 

best regards

Torsten Finke

Torsten Finke
fi at

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