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> --On 9. Mai 2018 um 09:53:23 +0200 Robert Stepanek
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>>>   search_index_headers: no
>> The rest of your config looks fine, but you might want to change
>> search_index_headers to yes, in case you are doing a lot of searches on
>> the From:, To:, etc headers. If disabled, searching these headers still
>> will work, but will be slower.
> If that is the case, the documentation should be changed:
> <https://cyrusimap.org/imap/developer/install-xapian.html?highlight=searc
> h_index_header>

Sorry, I should've checked the manpage first. It states:

              Whether to index headers other than From, To, Cc, Bcc, and 
Subject.  Experiment shows that some headers
              such as Received and DKIM-Signature can contribute up to 
2/3rds of the index size but almost nothing to
              the utility of searching.  Note that is header indexing is 
disabled, headers can still be searched, the
              searches will just be slower.

If the manpage is correct, standard headers are always indexed, so the 
recommendation on the web page is actually good the way it is.
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