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Fri Mar 30 05:35:11 EDT 2018


Quoting Marco <falon at>:

> Hello,
>  Cyrus-imapd make wide use of annotations.
> I already have a PHP program to query many IMAP info about  
> mailboxes. I would like to query annotations too.
> But official PHP IMAP extension doesn't support getannotation or  
> setannotation command:
> Really, now Cyrus 3 adopts METADATA commands, I suppose. Now I'm  
> working with Cyrus 2.4.
> Could you suggest me some PHP libraries to use these commands?

You can take a look at the horde project
Part of this webmail/groupware is a imap library that supports many
IMAP extensions and features and sould be usable as standalone library,
but I have only used it as part of the webmail/groupware

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