Notice: removal of JMAP support from stable Cyrus IMAPd 3.0.x series

ellie timoney ellie at
Mon Jan 22 22:10:09 EST 2018

Hi all :)

We've decided to remove the experimental JMAP support from the stable Cyrus IMAPd 3.0.x series.  This is a minimally-invasive change, which won't affect other aspects of the software.

The motivation for this is the rapid evolution of the JMAP specification as it moves toward formal standardisation.  The changes required to keep the 3.0.x implementation current are far too invasive for a stable release, but letting it stagnate in place would only clutter up the JMAP ecosystem with incompatible implementations.  So, JMAP support will no longer be available in a stable release as of 3.0.6.

JMAP support will continue to exist in its rapidly-evolving fashion in the master branch and the 3.1.x development snapshots (these exist only as tags within the repository, they are not formal releases).  We expect JMAP to be standardised and fully supported in the 3.2.x stable series.

What you need to do:

* if you're not using JMAP:  nothing!  But you can read about it, if you like, at: :)

* if you're running an experimental JMAP service:  either track the master branch, or the 3.1.x development snapshots

* if you're running a production JMAP service:  you probably know more about it than me...

* if you're developing/testing JMAP client software: track the master branch, join the JMAP mailing list

* if you're a package maintainer:  as above, depending on whether your package is oriented toward stable/production usage, or bleeding-edge/development usage

More information about JMAP is available at:

And the status of the IETF Working Group is available at:



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