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Hi Hiago,

Nice sleuthing, I'm glad you figured it out!

Have you seen/read the following (legacy) document?
It should also be present in your local installation somewhere (look for
"install-virtdomains.html" or similar, though I'm not sure where the
Debian package installs it).  The non-legacy documentation at
references this, but doesn't have a lot of detail itself.
We don't ship/install an imapd.conf in the Cyrus source distribution, so
I guess those defaultdomain values were set by your package manager.  I
guess it's not surprising that they changed between 2.2 and 2.5, that
was a looong time! :)


On Fri, Jan 19, 2018, at 11:53 PM, Hiago Prata wrote:
> Hello, everyone!

> I come to bring you some good news.

> Actually the problems I was facing had nothing to do with database
> stuff at all. It was a single configuration line (*defaultdomain*) in
> *imapd.conf *that was set to *domain.example* while it was set to
> *imap.domain.example *in the old server configuration file.> Earlier, before figuring out what was the issue, I noticed that using
> the wrong domain made Cyrus look for the mailboxes in
> *defaultpartition/u/user *instead of looking in
> *defaultpartition/domain/d/domain.example/u/user*. And thus, when
> creating manually mailboxes, they were being created out of that
> domain directory.> While this solved my problem, it brought  me some really bad
> confusion. I looked for an explanation in the Cyrus imapd.conf docs,
> but nothing that related one thing to each other was found.> Anyone could shed some light on this? I just can't let this pass with
> no explanation.> Thanks in advance!

> Em 2017-12-29 20:58, Hiago Prata escreveu:

>> Hi, I'm trying split users mailboxes into two smaller servers running
>> Cyrus-IMAP (for organizational purposes only). These servers are
>> running the newest version of Cyrus-IMAP available to a Debian system
>> (2.5.10-3), while the old server runs Cyrus on version 2.2.13-14.
>> I've done the migration of another server running this same version
>> to the newest version with no problems.>> Now, I need to do a migration to the new servers and split the
>> mailboxes. This is what I did for the first server already:>>  - Back up part of the mailboxes to the new server using *rsync*;

>>  - Back up the files contained in the */var/lib/cyrus/domain*
>>    directory;>>  - Dump the corresponding entries of the mailboxes.db using
>>    *ctl_mboxlist -d*;>> On the new server I did:

>>  - Remove the content of */var/lib/cyrus*;

>>  - Run the *makedirs* command;

>>  - Imported the database entries using *ctl_mboxlist -u*;

>>  - Copy the domain content back into */var/lib/cyrus*;

>>  - Reconstruct the databases using *reconstruct -rf user/** (got no
>>    output from this);>>  - Change the database indexes to max using* reconstruct -V max*
>>    (this one gave output for all the imported mailboxes)>> After all these steps, I noticed that no users had their quota set.
>> And trying to set it manually told me the mailboxes don't exist.
>> Though dumping the database show me otherwise.>> I've tried to create the mailboxes manually too, but after setting
>> the users quota, it was shown that there was no quota usage for any
>> of the users.>> So, am I missing something in this procedure? 

>> What is the correct way of doing this?


>> Holp you can help me. Thanks in advance!

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