Split mailboxes on server migration

Hiago Prata hcprata at ufpa.br
Thu Jan 11 09:56:41 EST 2018


Calling just RECONSTRUCT -F with no parameters, gives me output for all
imported mailboxes, but still no sign of the mailboxes being created.
And again, if I try to create the mailboxes manually, no usage is
accounted for the mailboxes. 

Em 2017-12-29 20:58, Hiago Prata escreveu:

> Hi, I'm trying split users mailboxes into two smaller servers running Cyrus-IMAP (for organizational purposes only). These servers are running the newest version of Cyrus-IMAP available to a Debian system (2.5.10-3), while the old server runs Cyrus on version 2.2.13-14. I've done the migration of another server running this same version to the newest version with no problems. 
> Now, I need to do a migration to the new servers and split the mailboxes. This is what I did for the first server already: 
> - Back up part of the mailboxes to the new server using RSYNC; 
> - Back up the files contained in the /VAR/LIB/CYRUS/DOMAIN directory; 
> - Dump the corresponding entries of the mailboxes.db using CTL_MBOXLIST -D; 
> On the new server I did: 
> - Remove the content of /VAR/LIB/CYRUS; 
> - Run the MAKEDIRS command; 
> - Imported the database entries using CTL_MBOXLIST -U; 
> - Copy the domain content back into /VAR/LIB/CYRUS; 
> - Reconstruct the databases using RECONSTRUCT -RF USER/* (got no output from this);
> - Change the database indexes to max using RECONSTRUCT -V MAX (this one gave output for all the imported mailboxes) 
> After all these steps, I noticed that no users had their quota set.
> And trying to set it manually told me the mailboxes don't exist.
> Though dumping the database show me otherwise. 
> I've tried to create the mailboxes manually too, but after setting the users quota, 
> it was shown that there was no quota usage for any of the users. 
> So, am I missing something in this procedure?  
> What is the correct way of doing this? 
> Holp you can help me. Thanks in advance! 
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