Cyrus IMAP 3.0.5 released

ellie timoney ellie at
Tue Jan 2 23:41:40 EST 2018

The Cyrus team is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new version of Cyrus IMAP: 3.0.5

Important note regarding JMAP support: the stable Cyrus IMAP 3.0 series currently contains an experimental implementation of the JMAP protocol.  As work proceeds towards standards ratification of the protocol, it diverges from this implementation.  While some effort may be made to keep the 3.0 JMAP implementation up to date, our priority for 3.0 is keeping it stable.  If you or your organisation are looking towards rolling out a JMAP implementation, we recommend tracking the master branch for this purpose.

Download URLs:

Please consult the release notes and upgrade documentation before upgrading to 3.0.5:

And join us on Github at to report issues, join in the deliberations of new features for the next Cyrus IMAP release, and to contribute to the documentation.

On behalf of the Cyrus team,

Kind regards,

ellie timoney

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