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> we're in the process of moving an "old" (cyrus 2.2.13, local Unix users)
> IMAP structure to a "newer" installation (cyrus 2.4.18, ActiveDirectory
> users attached using winbind). In total I'm about to move somewhere next
> to 300GB of mail spool knowing that ...
> - ... all this data has to be moved from one server to another and
> - ... most of the users now do have different user names (as the "old"
> Unix names differ from the "new" AD names) so data needs to be copied
> between different mailboxes.
> So just copying /var/spool/cyrus won't possibly work. Likewise, however,
> I can't use any of the IMAP migration scripts that do these things on a
> per-user basis as I am not supposed to know or mess with each users
> passwords; whatever I do sync-wise should be done using cyrus /
> administrative user accounts.
> Is something like this possible? How if so? What is the best way of doing
> this?

You could copy the spool directories individually. You just need to create 
all the new directories first, and your copy script needs a mapping from 
the old user name to the new one. Then your script can use the "mbpath" 
utility to find the disk path to each user's directory.
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