Truncated text during Xapian indexing

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Thanks for your reply, that was very interesting and helpful!

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>> Just out of curiosity, how is the mapping between a Xapian docid and a
>> message file on disk achieved? I played around with xapian-delve and the
>> Perl example When I search a term, I get a list of
>> docid's, but how do I know which message that is?
> In 3.x, Cyrus search stores an internal unique message id, called guid,
> as docid in Xapian. The guid currently is a SHA-1 hash of the raw
> message, allowing for deduplication and to avoid re-indexing already seen
> messages. The conversations.db of a user maps this guid to a list of
> mailbox:UID pairs.
> Off the top of my head, there currently isn't an "official" way in Cyrus
> to retrieve the mailbox:UID list for a given guid outside the Cyrus
> process. Depending on your use case, you could either: 1.) build your
> custom mapper on imap/conversations.h, 2.) use cvt_cyrusdb to dump the
> contents of a conversations.db into plain text.

FWIW, that conversion is so "lossy" as to be useless. But it was really 
only curiosity, so it doesn't matter.

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