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Can anyone provide some more details about this bug?. Have seen
something similar to this... although have not been able to deep on that
issue because have not had reproduced it... 



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El 10-11-2018 22:22, Marcus Schopen escribió:

> Am Mittwoch, den 07.11.2018, 09:16 +0100 schrieb Michael Menge: Hi,
> Quoting Robert Covell <rcovell at rolet.com>:
> If you suspect this is due to a client related problem, you could
> enable telemetry logging to find out who/what is causeing the
> emails to go 
> missing. 
> https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/reference/faqs/o-telemetry.html 
> Good idea will turn this on.
> If the purpose is to (mostly) copy emails into the folder and
> rarely
> delete, you could restrict delete access to a specific account
> via ACL.

> -
> reference.html 
> Believe it is setup like this, been awhile since I did it. Will
> confirm.
> Also forgot to say the one account is ~90GB if that makes any
> difference...
> -Bob
> (sent twice)

We have seen the same kind of problems with Outlook with much
I didn't have the time to debug it. So fare I suspected that some
in the Outlook
profile got somehow corrupted. 
Isn't this the known bug that Outlook 2013 doesn't really work well if
it is only used via IMAP and not with Exchange? There have been similar
cases with IMAP accounts that have been completely compromised. On the
IMAP there were whole folders missing, but they still existed locally.

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