Cyrus 2.4 and debug

Andrzej Kwiatkowski lists at
Sat Dec 1 08:57:57 EST 2018

W dniu 01.12.2018 o 12:22, chose pisze:
>    Good afternoon,
>    I've setup debug: 1 in the imapd.conf, created log/<user> directory 
> with owner cyrus, but I do not see any log. What did I missed ?
>    Cyrus imap is slow, reading emails takes a seconds, server is not 
> loaded. After some verifications I thing that cyrus imap (also whole 
> server is restarted) has some problems. Or not, but how to be sure he 
> has no internal problems that could be found with debug.
>    Thanks and best regards
>    J.Karliak

Check your random number source, maybe you need to run rngd or something


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