Thunderbird's color labels

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Thunderbird is using the $label flags for storing colours. I don't believe the colour itself is stored on the server.
On Sat, 1 Dec 2018, at 07:07, Joseph Brennan wrote: 
> I am trying to find where cyrus imap stores the colors Thunderbird uses in the message index display. I thought they were probably custom flags and I could use mbexamine to find them. 
> I have a mailbox that has this in the first stanza from mbexamine, which looked promising-- 
>  User Flags: $label1 $label2 $label3 $label4 $label5 $Forwarded Redirected 
> Each message has a line with "> USERFLAGS" but those are mostly four groups of zeros, and the values do not correspond to the Tbird colors. 
> What else can I try? 
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