Virtual domain admin login behaviour

Nels Lindquist nlindq at
Mon Apr 30 14:00:51 EDT 2018

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I have a mail server still running an older version of Cyrus IMAPD
(version 2.3.16) on CentOS 6 with virtual domains, using OpenLDAP as
an authentication backend with saslauthd for LOGIN/PLAIN when SSL/TLS
is used.

I recently set up a domain admin account for one of the virtual
domains in order to facilitate transfer of mail from that domain to a
different mail host, and while I was testing the setup I noticed some
inconsistent behaviour.

Using "imtest -m PLAIN -u user at -a admin at", I'm successfully able to login.

Executing ". list *.*" produces the expected list of user at's
INBOX and subfolders.

Using "imtest -u user at -a admin at" (Note: no
mechanism override) it defaults to using the LOGIN method rather than
PLAIN, and I'm successfully able to log in.

However, the ". list *.*" command now produces a list of every folder
in the subdomain, not just the specified user's mailbox.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Nels Lindquist | <nlindq at>

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