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Fri Apr 27 08:30:10 EDT 2018

Le 24/04/2018 à 21:13:20+0200, Albert Shih a écrit
> Le 24/04/2018 à 13:21:09+0200, Robert Stepanek a écrit
> Hi,
> >
> > we just had a chat on the issue you are reporting in the regular
> > Cyrus call: there have been a few fixes for squatter since
> > 3.0.5. Would you be able to compile from the current development
> > snapshot [1]? If not, 3.0.6 will be released soon, which will also
> > contain the fixes.
> >
> > This probably will not resolve the issue, but it would give us
> > one more data point if squatter turns out to run cleanly on the
> > development release.
> it's related to my problem with xapian (the xapian are not on the same disk than the OS).
> But anyway I need to fix that in the first place, after that I will
> retry...everything....I will keep you inform....if I'm able to compile the
> src (I'm using the ports, so not my work ;-) ).

So I was able to fix my problem (wrong driver on the OS).

Now I can confirm the problem with squatter are not related. Event with a
server who run normaly I got the same issue.

After sync (imapsync) some mailbox, each time I launch squatter I will get
a first index for one user, after that seg fault (just after jump to next
user), and if I re-launch squatter will index the first user not index, so
If I have 100 users I must launch squatter 100 times.

I also recheck every option available to get a coredump file but without

I try to compile the cyrus-imapd3 from the github but my lack of skill not
allow me to complete the task. I'm sorry.

Soon the 3.0.6 will be package inside the OS I will try and tell you if
the problem are still here.

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