Solaris Compiling 3.0.5 with libical3.0

Jean-Christophe Delaye Jean-Christophe.Delaye at
Wed Apr 18 12:44:41 EDT 2018


I'm trying to compile latest stable 3.0.5 with gcc version 5.4.0 on
Solaris 11.3 (x86).
With libical 2.0.0, it went fine
but if I tried to use 3.x version for libical, it failed with the following:

imap/http_caldav.c: In function ‘icaltime_from_rfc3339_string’:
imap/http_caldav.c:2034:7: error: ‘struct icaltimetype’ has no member
named ‘is_utc’
     tt.is_utc = 1;
gmake[2]: *** [imap/http_caldav.o] Error 1

It seems that Libical 3.0.0 removed is_utc from icaltimetype struct
"Set to icaltimezone_get_utc_timezone() to change a
time to UTC Use icaltime_is_utc() to check if a time is in UTC"

Is Libical 3.0.0 supported with 3.0.5 ?
Any idea ?

Thank you.

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