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Quoting Albert Shih <Albert.Shih at>:

> Hi everyone.
> Totally new in the world of cyrusimapd, I'm trying to migrate my current
> imap server from dovecot to cyrusimapd.

welcome to the list.

> I'm still in the prototype stage.
> I've ~ 4To of mailbox for ~ 2000 users.
> I would like to know what's the best way to migrate all mailbox and
> subscription.

Using IMAP is the best way I can think of to migrate the Mails.
Depending of the tool you use it might not be the fastest way but
you can migrate all information with out worrying about the on disk
formats. May years ago (~10), at the time we migrated form UW-Imap to Cyrus
we uses imapcopy (it was part of the UW-Imap library) because it
was much faster as imapsync aat that time.

> I already try imapsync, but how can I do that without knowing the password
> of my user ? I think they are something call master user in dovecot, but is
> they are anything similar in cyrusimapd ? And if yes how I choose the user
> name in imapsync ?

Cyrus allows admins to proxy authenticate for users, if the sasl mech
support it (PLAIN does suppot it, LOGIN does not)

It seems like the following imapsync options allow you to use proxy  

--authmech1 --authmech2
--authuser1 --authuser2
--proxyauth1 --proxyauth2

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