backends with different altnamespace in a murder configuration

Ken Murchison murch at
Thu Apr 12 07:24:00 EDT 2018

Since the proxy is where the mailbox LIST is normally generated for the 
client, those clients that want to have altnamespace presented to them 
need to be talking to proxys with altnamespace enabled.  So, essentially 
you need to have one set of frontends/backends configured for 
altnamespace and another set for standard namespace.  They all can talk 
to the same mupdate server(s).

This is all theoretical, as I have never tested such a configuration.

On 04/12/2018 06:07 AM, Jean-Christophe Delaye wrote:
> On 04/11/2018 06:52 PM, Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Do you have any frontend proxys?  They would also have to be using
>> altnamespace.
> Yes, respectively 2 frontend proxys which are also the murder master and
> slave. So how can I managed from these proxys that I have backend
> servers with different altnamespace settings ? ... if it's possible ?
>> On 04/11/2018 12:20 PM, Jean-Christophe Delaye wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> We are currently running cyrus 2.4 in a murder configuration: 2 murder
>>> servers (master and slave) and 5 backend servers.
>>> As in 2.x version, the altnamespace value is set to its legacy value
>>> :off on all the server's imapd.conf.
>>> We would like to change the altnamespace value to on BUT only for some
>>> backend servers. The idea is to have a better integration for specific
>>> users depending of their mail clients.
>>> My question is: Is it possible in a murder cluster configuration to have
>>> backend servers with different altnamespace settings. If so, what is the
>>> impact of the murder servers altnamespace value ?
>>> Greetings.
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