Shared calendars on apple devices

Savvas Karagiannidis karagian at
Mon Apr 2 06:04:46 EDT 2018

Hello everyone!
I am trying to set up a public calendar on apple devices (iPhone, iPad) but
I am probably missing something, cause I can't get it to work...
When setting up personal calendars, the
URL is used and it works fine. All personal calendars can be accessed and
even new calendars can be created using apple's Calendar app.
But how can public/shared calendars be accessed? They do not show up using
the principals URL and when I attempt to use the direct calendar URL (
http://[servername]/dav/calendars/[calendar_name]/) the Calendar app still
only discovers and displays the user's personal calendars and not the
public calendar...
Am I doing something wrong? What are the proper settings for apple devices?
ACLs are properly configured, so the user has access to the shared calendar
and I have successfully set up shared calendars on other clients like
Thunderbird and android devices (using DAVdroid)

Thanks in advance,
Savvas Karagiannidis
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