Cyrus-imap 3.0.3 + clamAV

Nicola Nye nicola at
Thu Sep 21 01:18:00 EDT 2017

Hi Anton,

I've been looking at improving the documentation on cyr_virusscan since
you wrote to the list.
As Cyrus doesn't ship with ClamAV, it's assumed that you have separately
installed it and are familiar with its operation and configuration. has more information.
Once ClamAV is installed, when you compile Cyrus, the configuration step
will detect you have ClamAV installed and compile in support for
cyr_virusscan with ClamAV.
Then you manually invoke cyr_virusscan (or set it up to get invoked
periodically) to scan for infection. -r causes any infected messages to
be removed from the target mailbox.
What is it about the removal flag, -r, that you would like to control?
They're either removed, or they're not.
If you want to tell a user that they had infected mail removed, use the
-n flag in addition.
Let me know what is unclear, so I can improve the documentation!


On Thu, Aug 31, 2017, at 02:42 PM, Anton Shilov via Info-cyrus wrote:
> Greetings Cyrus Team
> Cyrus-IMAP 3.x.y offers anti-virus protaction with ClamAV that invokes
> via "cyr_virusscan". Man page doesn't have information for granulated
> configure clamav side. There are such words in the man page: "Scan
> mailbox(es) or messages for viruses using configured virus scanner or
> provided search criteria." Does string "...using configured virus
> scanner..." mean clavmav scanner configuing with its config file?> Please let me know how to use tool "cyr_virusscan" correct. I'm
> interesting on controlling parameter "-r"> 
> Best regards,
> Anton

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