Cyrus 2.5.10 openssl 1.1 compatibility problems

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Wed May 31 10:20:06 EDT 2017

A couple of weeks ago I reported that cyrus 2.5.10 would no longer run 
after OpenSSL was upgraded from 1.0.x  to 1.1.x, even after recompiling. 
  One of the Arch Linux cyrus users pointed out that this modification 
to the source files:

        for f in $pkgname-$pkgver/imap/*.[hc];
          do sed -i 's/\<struct *sched_param\>/&_/g' "$f";

Results in compiled cyrus 2.5.10 executables which work fine with 
OpenSSL 1.1.

I'm loathe to add this the Cyrus Arch AUR package, if for no other 
reason than this violates the Arch rule of not modifying upstream, and 
especially since installing the openssl-1.0 compatibility package 
resolves the issue until such time as the AUR package can be updated to 
cyrus 3.0.x, but I figured I would mention this in case there is any 
interest in backporting a fix to the 2.5 branch.

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