Cyrus IMAP 2.4.19 released

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu May 18 03:45:47 EDT 2017

> Hi,
> Quoting Simon Matter <simon.matter at>:
>>>> The Cyrus team is proud to announce the immediate availability of a
>>>> new
>>>> version of Cyrus IMAP: 2.4.19.
>>> I've just updated our cyrus-imapd rpms from 2.4.18 -> 2.4.19. All seems
>>> well with just some small changes to the build.
>>> However, I just can't get it to work: lmtpd segfaults on mail delivery.
>>> The logs show something like this:
>>> May 17 14:21:42 mh1 kernel: lmtpd[7433]: segfault at 5ebc24d7 ip
>>> 00007f216292973b sp 00007ffe5ebc1f58 error 4 in
>>> lmtpd[7f21628c1000+169000]
>>> May 17 14:21:42 mh1 master[7423]: process 7433 exited, signaled to
>>> death
>>> by 11
>>> First I've rebuilt without some of the custom patches in the package
>>> like
>>> the autocreate patches. But without a change.
>>> I've then straced an lmtpd during mail delivery, once with 2.4.18 and
>>> once
>>> with 2.4.19 in the hope to find something. The traces are attached.
>>> I see that there were quite some change concerning lmtp, does anyone of
>>> the developers have an idea where the problem in lmtpd changes could
>>> be?
>> It turns out that lmtpd wants to act as proxy, because only then it
>> creates the spoolfile in /tmp/. But why?
>> Regards,
>> Simon
> Are you running a murder setup? Can you produce a coredump and brovide
> a backtrace with symbols loaded?

No murder involved. Unfortunately I'm unable to produce a coredump right
now. It will take some time for me to do so...


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