Cyrus IMAP 2.4.19 released

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu May 18 02:38:16 EDT 2017

>> The Cyrus team is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new
>> version of Cyrus IMAP: 2.4.19.
> I've just updated our cyrus-imapd rpms from 2.4.18 -> 2.4.19. All seems
> well with just some small changes to the build.
> However, I just can't get it to work: lmtpd segfaults on mail delivery.
> The logs show something like this:
> May 17 14:21:42 mh1 kernel: lmtpd[7433]: segfault at 5ebc24d7 ip
> 00007f216292973b sp 00007ffe5ebc1f58 error 4 in lmtpd[7f21628c1000+169000]
> May 17 14:21:42 mh1 master[7423]: process 7433 exited, signaled to death
> by 11
> First I've rebuilt without some of the custom patches in the package like
> the autocreate patches. But without a change.
> I've then straced an lmtpd during mail delivery, once with 2.4.18 and once
> with 2.4.19 in the hope to find something. The traces are attached.
> I see that there were quite some change concerning lmtp, does anyone of
> the developers have an idea where the problem in lmtpd changes could be?

It turns out that lmtpd wants to act as proxy, because only then it
creates the spoolfile in /tmp/. But why?

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