About upgrade and building without caldav/carddav server

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea egoitz at ramattack.net
Wed Jun 28 10:41:48 EDT 2017

Thanks a lot Nic!!!

Yes I'll build Cyrus IMAP as we run FreeBSD. Extremely helpful too your 
notes mate :) :) I just hoped to know if it was possible :) and you have 
give notes of incredibly huge useful


Thanks a lot mates... I can say the same... please ask me if you needed 
whatever it can be and if I know, please ask it and I'll be totally 
pleasant of answering :) :) :)

Have fun mates :) :)

El 28/6/17 a las 2:36, Nic Bernstein escribió:
> Egoitz,
> Some important notes on this upgrade.  Firstly, I have followed this 
> path for a client, and it does work.  Secondly, you should read not 
> just the Upgrade document to which Nicola has linked (below) but also 
> read the release notes for all intermediary versions.
> You can find those here:
> https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/download/release-notes/index.html
> It's always best practice to read intermediary release notes, as 
> changes made in one version (i.e. 2.4.0) may not be mentioned in a 
> later version's release notes.
> For example, the release notes for 2.4.0 contain this note:
>   * All databases are now default skiplist, and ctl_cyrusdb will
>     automatically convert database type on startup.
> That's a really good thing, but if you previously set your database 
> types to something other than the default, then they will not be 
> converted (maybe you didn't do so, but your packages may have).  As 
> the Upgrade document notes, in that case you should convert your DB 
> formats to a default /before/ you copy them to the new server, using 
> cvt_cyrusdb (for example):
>     cvt_cyrusdb /<confdir>/mailboxes.db berkeley /tmp/new-mailboxes.db skiplist
> Another big note is that with 3.0.X, the Squat full-text indexing 
> engine may be replaced with Xapian.  Check your packaging or build for 
> that.  If it is, you'll need to rebuild your indexes before people can 
> use them.
> Similarly, the main Cyrus index scheme has changed between 2.3 and 
> 2.4, and then again with 2.5 and 3.0.  You can upgrade from 2.3 to 
> 3.0, and it does so very nicely, but while a 3.0 server can read the 
> older index formats, you won't get the best behavior or performance.  
> Run the command 'reconstruct -V max' either just like that (upgrade 
> all mailbox's indices) or within a script which walks through your 
> user list.
> Lastly, please get yourself logged in to #cyrus on IRC so you can get 
> support while you're working.  Try a dry run with just a couple of 
> users or mailboxes, to see what you might face, and don't be afraid to 
> ask for help.  I've been working with Cyrus for twenty years, and I 
> still ask for help all the time (just ask the folks on this list!). :-)
> Cheers,
>     -nic
> On 06/27/2017 06:36 PM, Nicola Nye wrote:
>>>> By the way, when upgrading from a 2.3.1X server... can you directly 
>>>> install a 3.0 in the server and should it work?. Is it recommended 
>>>> to perhaps go thought the 2.5 version, reconvert
>>>> databases to suit it's needs (the 2.5 needs) and later pass to 3.0?.
>>> I have no experience with upgrading from 2.3 to 3.0, so can't help 
>>> you with that.
>> When writing the Upgrade documentation 
>> (https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/download/upgrade.html) we did discuss 
>> whether you had to go through intermediate versions on the way to 
>> 3.0, and the answer is a 'no'! You should be able to go from 2.3 to 
>> 3.0 in one hit.
>> As always, make sure you have backups of your data before you begin 
>> the upgrade.
>> Let us know how it goes!
>>     Nicola
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