Mailbox administration in cyrus

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Wed Jun 21 09:23:52 EDT 2017

On 21.06.2017 15:06, Dr. Peer-Joachim Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> is there an esay way to remove ALL mailboxes of an user ?
> I did not find any info about something like
>     dm -r user.OLDUSER
> removing every folder within OLDUSER and OLDUSER as well.
> How can I remove an old user with all mailboxes ?

Try something like

dm user.OLDUSER*

DISCLAIMER: I don't have access to a cyrus imapd at the moment, and I
can't remember for sure. This is just a quick (but maybe wrong) answer
to eventually put you on the right track.

In every case, before actually doing dm <pattern*>, try the same with
some other harmless command (e.g. lm <pattern*>) to check if the
wildcard pattern really does what you want.



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