CalDAV / CardDAV issues

Vincent DEFERT vincent.defert at
Thu Mar 10 11:01:15 EST 2016


I've been struggling for several days to install cyrus-imapd on
Ubuntu 15.10.
The IMAP part works quite well, but I cannot get CardDAV to work.
I use Evolution and Thunderbird for my tests.

I first ran into the PROPFIND bug, for which I found a patch on the
Debian website, but Cyrus refuses to create a contact, failing with the
following message in syslog :

Mar 10 16:32:51 gaia cyrus/https[19640]: hp250g2 [] with
"Evolution/3.16.5"; "PUT /dav/addresses/user/vincent at
/600D3CC7-3955A1B6-3B63ECBC.vcf HTTP/1.1" => "405 Method Not Allowed"
(error=The requested method is not allowed for the URL.)

I tried and add traces in the code to see where it fails, but I can't
see any of my messages in syslog.
Has anyone already come across this issue ?
At this point, any hint would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance

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