residual moved folders

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at
Tue Mar 8 05:19:09 EST 2016

we noticed that when a user moves a big folder in a different tree position, that is shared among many connected users,
the original moved folder will be unvisible via imap commands to new connections, but will stay in the filesystem until old
connections get closed.
All fine.
Then, we noticed that sometimes the original moved folders may stay there forever in the filesystem, with all the emails and cyrus files.
Dates on files and the folders themselves show that they are not being touched since the moving date, and do not show anymore via imap.
Even restarting all the server, those folders remain.
How can avoid this situation? What is the possibility of this event?
At the moment I am scripting to find all folders that has no "lm" via cyradm.
May I feel safe removing physically the residuals found folders?
Thanks for any help.
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