Cyrus Murder with different Cyrus IMAP Server versions

Jack Snodgrass jack at
Wed Mar 2 12:44:36 EST 2016

I have a older Cyrus 2.2 version setup and running in production.

I want to move to a newer Cyrus 2.4 system with minimal downtime.

The goal is 1) limit down time and 2) keep the SAME ip address for the 
users imap configs.

I can convert my existing Cyrus 2.2 ( Debian v6 ) to Cyrus 2.4 ( Debian 
v8 ) but will be down around 8 ( at least ) for the two debian upgrades 
and converting 200gig of Cyrus 2.2 mail to Cyrus 2.4 - indexes and what not.

I was thinking.. maybe another approach would be to setup Cyrus Murder ( 
2.2 ) on my existing Cyrus 2.2 box and connect it up with a new Cyrus 
2.4 server ( on a new Debian v8 box ) and just move mail accounts over 
one at a time until all of the mail was off of the old box.  Once all of 
the mail was off of the old Cyrus 2.2 box, I could then upgrade that to 
debian v8 and Cyrus 2.4 and then have 2 systems that the mail could be 
split between.

Can I run a Murder 2.2 server and have it talk with a Cyrus 2.4 IMAP box 
or do the versions have to be the same?

Thanks - jack

*jack* - Southlake Texas - <>
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