Cyrus and scale-out

Scott Lambert lambert at
Sat Jun 11 16:37:56 EDT 2016

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 05:18:12PM +0200, Sebastian Hagedorn via Info-cyrus wrote:
> Hi,
> According to our systems people, we should scale out instead, the way 
> Exchange 2013 and Dovecot Pro apparently do. The idea, as I understand it, 
> is to have multiple backends that all provide access to the same mailboxes. 
> It should be possible to add and remove backends completely transparently. 
> Dovecot Pro seems to realize that by storing all mails in local caches 
> backed by shared object storage (e.g. Ceph), in conjunction with Dovecot 
> Director.

I suspect that you want to look at the documentation for Cyrus IMAPd
murder (as in "a murder of crows").

Cyrus has supported scaling wide with as many backends and frontends as
you would like to run for a very long time.

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