how to deal with mail retention/archival.

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Fri Aug 26 13:11:14 EDT 2016

>>>>> "GR(" == Giuseppe Ravasio (LU) via Info-cyrus <info-cyrus at> writes:

GR(> I saw that someone proposed to make a sort of abuse of delayed
GR(> expunge, but I think that in order to comply with regulatory
GR(> retention should be better considering some specific software.

True, but it seems odd (to me, in a situation where I don't have
infinite money) to have basically two mail servers: one which actually
removes things when the user deletes stuff and one which doesn't.

I guess they can be optimized for different things, but it still seems
odd when we already have a server that can store as much mail as you
want, provides a means to access and search it with ACLs for auditors
and such, and of course is already installed and running.

If it were possible to hook the message deletion functions in cyrus to
move things to a different place in the hierarchy and then control
expiry on those differently than the regular folders, it would probably
be sufficient.  But that requires code and I don't have the skills to
write it.

Alternately, it _could_, instead of removing the message files at
deletion time, just move them somewhere.  Then you could script what you
want to do with them.  Certainly not super featureful but frankly when
the lawyers want something, I just dump mail files on them and let them
sort it out.

 - J<

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