how to deal with mail retention/archival.

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This is really more of an issue for your MTA, such as Postfix or Exim.  
The MDA -- Cyrus in this case -- has little or nothing to do with the 
sort of archiving/retention you need for compliance.  Take a look at 
always_bcc and similar directives in Postfix, or the equivalent in 
whatever your MTA is.

On 08/26/2016 08:09 AM, Alvin Starr via Info-cyrus wrote:
> A company I am working with is facing issues of regulatorymail retention.
> Some searching has yielded little useful results other than putting a 
> system in front to store all incoming messages.
> What are others doing for mail archival?
> An ideal solution would let the users carry on using current use 
> patterns and not impose extra restrictions.
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