twoskip: invalid magic header: user_deny.db after 2.5.9 switch to twoskip

Andy Dorman adorman at
Thu Aug 25 13:30:16 EDT 2016

Sorry to bother everyone again...

While researching the "Bad IPLOCALPORT value" log entry, I went ahead 
and switched our dev server databases from skiplist to twoskip and ran 
"reconstruct -V max" and "quota -f".

Now I am seeing the following behavior in our logs.

twoskip: invalid magic header: /var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db
cyrusdb: opening /var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db with backend skiplist 
(requested twoskip)
skiplist: recovered /var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db (0 records, 144 bytes) 
in 0 seconds
skiplist: checkpointed /var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db (0 records, 144 
bytes) in 0.077 sec

I am again impressed with the design of Cyrus that it handles this 
problem and switches back to skiplist to keep going.

In my case I moved the current db to user_deny.db.old, touched 
user_deny.db, updated ownership and perms and twoskip seemed OK with that.

I am not sure this is a "bug".  I just wanted to report it in case it 
helps someone else.

Andy Dorman
Ironic Design, Inc.

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