lmtp "Bad IPLOCALPORT value" and "Bad IPREMOTEPORT value" after upgrade 2.4.18 to 2.5.9

Andy Dorman adorman at ironicdesign.com
Wed Aug 24 18:44:34 EDT 2016

We have a cluster of servers that provide external email security 
filtering and then postfix delivers the safe email via lmtp to mailboxes 
on the various servers in the cluster (using SASLauth of course).

I just updated our dev server to 2.5.9 and while email delivery seems to 
be working fine, now we are seeing these messages every time postfix 
delivers email to the upgraded server:

cyrus/lmtp[8140]: Bad IPLOCALPORT value
cyrus/lmtp[8140]: Bad IPREMOTEPORT value

Our cyrus.conf config for lmtp looked like this at the time of the change.

lmtp            cmd="lmtpd" listen="*:lmtp" prefork=10 maxchild=20

I have also tried replacing the wildcard host with listen="lmtp" and 
still receive "Bad IPxxxxPOST value".

So this almost seems like postfix is not communicating the lmtp 
correctly and Cyrus is reporting it but then goes on to handle it?

FWIW, our postfix does an LDAP lookup to fetch the hostname to deliver 
the email within the cluster.  The hostname is plugged into this

result_filter = lmtp:inet:%s:lmtp

So is Cyrus now looking for something different from postfix?  ie, 
should I be talking to the Postfix folks instead of bothering everyone 
here? ;-)

Sincere regards,

Andy Dorman
Ironic Design, Inc.

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