mailboxes.db invalid entries

Wolfgang Breyha wbreyha at
Fri Apr 22 05:06:15 EDT 2016

Jan Kowalsky via Info-cyrus wrote on 22/04/16 01:28:
> First I tried to dump the mailbox.db with ctl_mboxlist -d /tmp/mailboxes.txt
> After deleting the wrong entry manually I wanted to reload the mailbox
> again with ctl_mboxlist -u /tmp/mailboxes.txt. All operation with
> stopped cyrus.

Have you renamed your mailboxes.db after using -d and before using -u?
Otherwise ctl_mboxlist will import your dump into the existing mailboxes.db.

And are this exactly the commands you used?
I think
ctl_mboxlist -d >/tmp/mailboxes.txt
ctl_mboxlist -f /tmp/ -u </tmp/mailboxes.txt
should be used since both read/write to STDIN/OUT.

Greetings, Wolfgang
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Vienna University Computer Center | Austria

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