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Thanks, I'm fine with that wording.

--On 6. April 2016 um 12:33:08 +1000 ellie timoney <ellie at fastmail.com> 

> Oh yeah, of course.  I've added the following to man/master.8 for future
> releases:
>> Services added or modified to listen on a privileged port may not
>> be able to bind the port, depending on your system configuration.
>> In this case a full restart is needed.
> I'm not entirely sold on the wording, but it's better than the nothing
> we had.
> "depending on your system configuration", because looking at the code,
> if you are running Cyrus on Linux, and if you have compiled it with
> --with-libcap=yes, then master will actually drop its privileges
> *before* spawning any services at all, but in such a way that it
> preserves the capability to bind privileged ports.  Assuming that this
> actually works, then it should also be able to start up new/modified
> services on privileged ports upon receipt of a SIGHUP.  So that's pretty
> cool.  But it's not default: you must be on Linux, have libcap, and
> explicitly request it at compile time.

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