Migrating IMAP from Cyrus v2.2.13 to Cyrus v2.4.17

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Wed Apr 6 14:58:33 EDT 2016

On 04/06/2016 01:32 PM, Dan White wrote:
>>On 04/06/16 13:20 -0500, Jack Snodgrass via Info-cyrus wrote:
>>>Is there a documented process for taking a system from: Cyrus 
>>>v2.2.13 to Cyrus v2.4.17
>>Check the upgrade instructions here:
>>'ctl_cyrusdb -r' may require support for whichever backend you were using
>>on the older version (on the new system), such as a legacy berkeleydb

On 04/06/16 13:39 -0500, Jack Snodgrass via Info-cyrus wrote:
>I read that.. but after 8 hours of trying to get it going I gave up on it.
>I the debian 8 / Cyrus 2.5 stuff did not want to process the cyrus 2.4 
>db files from debian 6.
>You can say pretty words like: "may require support for whichever 
>backend you were using" but if all you have is access to apt-get and 
>you have two systems that are YEARS apart in what they have setup.. 
>how do you do this?  Tell me the apt-get install command to run so 
>that  ctl_cyrusdb -r works or it's just words.


Since you're deploying this in a staged setup, you have the luxury of doing
your own experimentation and research.

Find out which database types you were using on the old system
(/usr/lib/cyrus/cyrus-db-types.active). You could convert them before or
after moving as discussed here:


Debian historically provides several versions of berkelydb within the apt
respository, which the cyrus 2.(4|5) packages may or may not depend on. I
can't tell you if it's a clean upgrade path, but the Debian cyrus imapd
list may be able to, or may already provide guidance within the
/usr/share/doc hierarchy.

Dan White

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