Migrating IMAP from Cyrus v2.2.13 to Cyrus v2.4.17

Jack Snodgrass jack at mylinuxguy.net
Wed Apr 6 14:20:13 EDT 2016

Is there a documented process for taking a system from: Cyrus v2.2.13 to 
Cyrus v2.4.17

I have an old debian box with Cyurs v2.2.13.

I have a new debian box with Cyrus v2.4.17

Is there a documented / official process for migrating mail like this?  
I could not find one.

I have rsync'd the mail between the two systems.

/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/reconstruct did NOT magically convert the system from 
the old to the new.

I wrote a script to create the mailboxes and their folders.

After that ( or maybe before... ) I ran:

/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -G -f

and I think that has me close to where I want to be. I have mail boxes 
and folders and test users can view their mail.

The 'seen' flags and probably some other flags / acls are not working.

Isn't there a simple upgrade / migrate script path that I am failing to 


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